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Thanks for taking a chance here.  

I'm going door to door because it feels better than sitting at a computer.  I'm simply going to walk from house to house until I find my audience.  Breathe some fresh air.  

Below are three songs from an album that took me over five years to finish.  It was difficult to choose only three, as it's a diverse album meant to be listened to as an album, so if the first song isn't your style please try the next (click "Listen in browser" if listening through your phone).  

If you like any of what you hear you can either click Store, or the iTunes or Apple Music links below.  Search Don't Wear Me Out and Hotblack on Youtube if interested in hearing songs from a previous record. 

Most importantly - if you like the music - please spread the word.  If this is going to get off the ground, word of mouth is what's going to do it.

Alright, take it easy
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Lost Together

They Will Talk About Us

Far Away


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